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For more information on these projects and the Mitzvah Madness initiative, please contact Marv Weisberg here. 


Children's Network of SWFL

The Children’s Network of SWFL is nonprofit agency serving over 2,300 abused and neglected children under contract with The Department of Children and Families. They provide child welfare services in partnership with many local agencies in SWFL counties including Collier and Lee, as well as Charlotte, Glades, and Hendry.

We will be collecting donations for infants, toddlers, and school age children. Great project to do as a family or with other friends.

Items Needed (dates in parentheses indicate the time of year when donations are most needed):

Infants - diapers, wipes, powdered formulas, baby shampoo, body wash, wash cloths and towels (year-round)

Toddlers - learning toys and books (November-December and June-July)

School age children - gender neutral back packs filled with books, towel, wash cloth, toothbrush & toothpaste, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, brush & comb, & learning toys (June-July).

For further information contact Susan Hager or Liz Jaffe,

Meals of hope

   Meals of Hope is a 501(c)3 organization which provides meals to people in need in our area. Traditionally, we have done a 
large packing event at Temple Shalom on Mitzvah Day, during which we are able to pack 50,000 meals in a morning This year, we will not be holding the single, large packing event. Nonetheless, the urgent need for food in our area remains, and since the pandemic hit, our local Meals of Hope has provided nearly three times their usual number of meals to our food-insecure neighbors They currently provide 3,500 meals per week in Collier and Lee counties. Let’s help them out.

We have multiple options for volunteers for Meals of Hope:
  1. Volunteer for a two-hour packing event at the Meals of Hope warehouse. They have reconfigured their space to allow packing with social distancing (at least 6 ft between volunteers). With a team of 10 people, we can pack about 5,000 meals in two hours.
  2. Volunteer for two hours at a packing event in a covered outside pavilion. Again, this would be configured to maintain appropriate social distancing. The location and dates will be determined by number of volunteers, but ideally, we would do this on a monthly basis.
  3. Volunteer at one of the several Meals of Hope food pantries around Collier and Lee counties. These operate daily, and volunteers would help distribute the Meals of Hope packed meals as well as food from the local food banks.
  4. Volunteer for a ‘family pack’. You will be supplied with all the components for meal-packing which you can complete in your own home with your own family or “quaranteam” of people in your pandemic bubble.

                                                                                                                                                                                      All packing and food distribution will require wearing of masks and gloves.

Meals of Hope also needs your donations. Each meal costs just $.25. Your donation of $18 would fund 72 meals. $50 buys 200 meals. This is extraordinary value for your donation

For information about Meals of Hope,

For further information and to figure out how you can best participate in this important volunteer activity contact Don Belmont,

Toiletry Packets

Please contact Jennifer Siegal-Miller,, for information on volunteering for this project.


School Supplies

During this time of hardship, we expect that many Collier County children are having a difficult time obtaining school supplies. Once again we are collecting school supplies for our local elementary school students. These will be distributed by Collier County Schools to those students in need. The Temple Shalom Men's Club has agreed to purchase and donate backpacks however we need your help donating the items to "stuff" them with. Typical supplies would include notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, colored pencils, rulers, etc. Please contact Rabbi Ariel Boxman, for additional information regarding this collection and other items that may be needed.

Socks & Undies

We are once again partnering with Grace Place to provide socks and underwear for children in need. Grace Place for Children and Families is an educational nonprofit organization guided by faith-based core values. Grace Place expresses this generosity as an educational center that provides pathways out of poverty through educating children and families.

Donations of new socks and underwear in children’s sizes will be collected via a drop off site at Temple Shalom and volunteers will deliver them to Grace Place.

For further information contact  Bobbie Katz,

Bikes for Tykes

Bikes for Tykes is a 501(c)3 organization based in Naples, which provides used bikes to underprivileged children and families. They collect donated or discarded bikes, and volunteers repair, refurbish and rebuild these back into safe and functional machines. Since its founding 30 years ago, the organization has donated over 20,000 new and reconditioned bicycles in Collier County. The new-ish bikes are given away as holiday presents to children of all ages. The more ‘mature’ used bikes are reconditioned and given primarily to social agencies for distribution, where they end up being ridden (often as primary transportation) by service and agricultural workers in the area. Several Temple Shalom members regularly volunteer their time and mechanic skills at Bikes for Tykes.

This is the perfect win-win You get to clean some clutter out your garage, and an underprivileged child or adult will end up with transportation to work or shopping or school, or just to get some recreational exercise. And in terms of the environment, it’s the ultimate re- cycle

There are two ways to help:

1. Donate your unwanted bicycles and bike parts.
2. Volunteer as a mechanic to fix up donated bikes. Minimal experience necessary.

For further information contact Don Belmont,

Bedtime Bundles

Bedtime Bundles are pillowcases filled with comfort items for kids. When women arrive at the Shelter for Abused Women and Children with their kids, often in the middle of the night, the contents of these pillowcases could ease the children’s stress, providing bedtime necessities and reassurance. Each pillowcase will hold an age and gender appropriate pair of pajamas, a stuffed toy, a book, toothbrush and toothpaste, and slippers. Our Religious School children, whether attending in person on Sunday mornings or virtually at home, will have the opportunity to draw messages on the pillow cases, collect the items over a several week period, and stuff pillowcases with age and gender consistent selections. Each pillowcase will be tagged with information regarding the age and gender of the child for whom it is intended.

The project will begin with the collection of the items. The plan is to have children bring new items to Religious School, each week featuring a different type of item. Parents will be asked to send newly purchased items (no used items will be accepted). We may be able to subsidize the project with some donated items.  One class period can be devoted to drawing messages on the pillowcases. When the collection and artwork are complete, the various items can be set up assembly-line style, and the children can fill and tag the pillowcases (with some adult guidance to assure age and gender consistency). This plan can be adapted for those children who are “attending” Religious School virtually. The Bundles will then be collected at Temple and delivered to the Shelter. When children arrive at the shelter, each will receive a Bedtime Bundle with good wishes from the children of Temple Shalom.

The lesson of tikkum olam, making the world a better place by helping other children, will accompany the activities. This multi-week project can provide an opportunity to talk about children in less comfortable circumstances than they are, how important it is that we help other people, and the Jewish value of doing mitzvot, of being God’s partner in mending our world.

For further information contact Tussy Shnider,

Beading for Betterment

Beading for Betterment is an ongoing project at Temple Shalom that benefits the Guadalupe Center in Immokalee. We make hand-beaded necklaces for the children to give as holiday gifts to mothers, grandmothers or other special women in their lives.

Each year we make 200-300 necklaces for Mothers’ Day. Carol Hirsch will provide the supplies for a fee of $18, free if participants provide their own supplies. For further information contact Carol Hirsch,

Laces of Love

Laces of Love is a local charity whose mission is to provide NEW sneakers to low income and disadvantaged children in Collier and Lee County Schools. They also provide sneakers to other local non-profits. Sizes 1-9 NEW sneakers are needed for both boys and girls. Please help Temple Shalom collect shoes for Laces of Love as part of Mitzvah Madness. Over 150,000 NEW sneakers have been provided to needy children in the Lee and Collier Schools. There is no paid staff, everyone is a volunteer and all money donated goes directly for NEW shoes. They work directly with the school nurses, teachers and staff. You can bring the NEW sneakers to Snyderman’s Shoes, 4910 Tamiami Trail N, Naples. Just tell them this is a donation from Temple Shalom and they will attach a wonderful tag on the shoes saying, “Given with Love by Temple Shalom,” The sneakers will be distributed by Laces of Love. Sneakers may also be purchased there. For further information contact Liz Jaffe,

Champions for Learning

This organization, which is part of the Education Foundation of Collier County, exists to create life-changing learning experiences for every student. Working with a vision of a community that is 100% engaged in support of student success, Champions for Learning serves a unique role in bringing the community together to support a culture of learning and innovation.

“Whether you’re looking for a weekly commitment or a one-off event, there are numerous volunteer roles to compliment your interests and schedule. No experience is required, and an orientation/training is provided.”

There will be a virtual training session on Wednesday, October 28 from 2:00pm to 3:00pm for you to decide if this opportunity is for you. For further information contact Ida Margolis, or Ken Goldstein,

Harry Chapin Food Bank

One of the most urgent needs right here in Collier and Lee County is food security. Paul Rosofsky is developing a joint program between the Harry Chapin Food Bank and Temple Shalom to help package food for homeless children here in Collier County. Volunteers are needed to pack food at the Harry Chapin Food Bank warehouse in Naples. They are practicing all necessary social distancing and hygiene procedures. Those who are unable to help package food may consider donating $10/month for a year to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. With Harry Chapin’s tremendous buying power, they are able to purchase $8 worth of food for each dollar donated. So by donating just $10/month you can be purchasing $80 worth of food, or almost $1,000 over the year. What a Mitzvah! Please contact Paul Rosofsky,, for information on volunteering for this project.

The Knitzvah Project
Calling all knitters!
We are asking you to knit shawls for women recovering from breast cancer surgery. The shawls are delivered to our local hospitals and our goal is to deliver 50 shawls this year.
Please follow the directions below:
Use a Feather and Fan Knitting Stitch – 18 inch repeat to create a 23” by 60” shawl. You will need a #9 needle; Caron One Pound yarn; 3 skeins in color options – Pink, Hot Orchid, Turquoise or Peacock
  • Cast on 84 stitches
  • Knit 6 rows for Garter Stitch
  • Next row: knit 6 stitches, place marker
  • Start PATTERN ROW 1, place maker
  • Knit 6 stitches (NOTE: the knitted 6 stitches at the beginning AND end of rows make a nice edging)
  • Keep knitting the 4 rows of pattern ending with 6 rows of Garter Stitch to finish the shawl


Right Side: Row 1: K2 tog 3X; *YO K1 6X, K2 tog 6X*; repeat from * to * ending with K2 tog 3X.                         

Row 2: K                                                                                                                                                                   

Row 3: K                                                                                                                                                                   

Row 4: P


Contact Liz Jaffe,, when shawl(s) are completed and they will be picked up or for further information. Have fun knitting!​​​​​​​

Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781