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"To be part of a community, to shape it, and to strengthen it is the most urgent, the most vital obligation facing the Jewish individual."
- Elie Wiesel.

Got Talent?

A community is only as good as the effort, talent, inspiration and involvement of its members.  Do you have a special skill or interest you would like to utilize on behalf of Temple Shalom? We value your time, talents, energy and experience; whether you have a few hours here and there or all the time in the world, we offer many avenues to enrich your Jewish identity and nurture your continuing connection to your Temple Shalom family. Beyond the immense satisfaction of assisting in organizing a program or helping an individual, volunteering is the ideal way to meet new people and make new friends.

Hineyni - Here I am! And I want to help!

Whether you have an hour or two a week, a month or a year, we are always looking for volunteers!

  • Deliver a Welcome Bag to new members
    Bake and deliver a challah to congregants who:
         need a pick-me-up
         recently lost a loved one
         are welcoming a new baby
    Greet at Temple services and programs
    Bake for an Oneg Shabbat
    Lead a Shiva minyan or comfort your fellow congregants just by showing up at one
    Photograph Temple Shalom events
    Sing in the Choir
    Play in the band
    Lend a hand in the office stuffing envelopes or answering phones
    Serve as a High Holy Days usher
    Call our “super seniors” periodically to say hello and let them know we care
    Keep the nametag cabinet in order
    Write cards to members with “big” birthdays and anniversaries
    Write condolence notes to members
    Lend a hand with Mitzvah Day planning
    Act in the Purim shpiel
    Organize the Passover seder
    Write articles for The Voice
    Help keep the Perman Library tidy and organized

Does any of this appeal to you?  Contact 239-455-3030 if you have any questions or want to get involved. Many of the activities have a related committee and we welcome you to join.

If you have an idea that doesn't fit into one of the options below, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!

Thank you in advance for your good work!


Believe it or not, the Temple staff are not superheroes!  We could use an assist in the office from time to time.  If you are willing to lend a hand with photocopying, preparing mailings and similar clerical tasks, sometimes with a small group of willing volunteers who want to keep their hands busy, please contact us at 239-455-3030.


Our auxiliaries support Temple Shalom by raising funds through a variety of projects and activities.  You can meet new people and make friends by helping to plan and attend sport, educational and social events.  The opportunities for social connection and learning are limitless. 

Sisterhood is also looking for women to assist with oneg preparation on Friday mornings and anyone with a background in retail or a willingness to learn, to assist in the Temple Gift Shop. 

Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Do you have financial know-how? Are you a money-maven? The Finance Committee prepares the annual operating budget for the Congregation and recommends appropriate financial policies and procedures to the Board. The Investment Committee directs the investment of Temple funds. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Fundraising provides important additional resources that help Temple extend membership and religious education to everyone, regardless of their ability to contribute, and to support programs. Fundraising events are also wonderful social opportunities for our members to work together, play together and support Temple together. Would you like to help us plan our annual fundraising event? Could you help us solicit gifts to the Endowment Fund or Planned Giving Program? Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Leaders in the Temple community help the Board of Trustees with Strategic Planning and review and maintain the Bylaws of Temple Shalom. 


Help direct the future of Temple Shalom by developing and nominating future community leaders to the Board of Trustees. 


There are many opportunities for our members to engage in meaningful Jewish learning. Our clergy work with the Adult Education Committee to provide interesting and challenging educational opportunities throughout the year on relevant and interesting Jewish topics for the Congregation and community, in order to increase the knowledge of our Jewish heritage, culture, texts, beliefs and practices. This committee plans and carries out the annual Scholar-in-Residence Program. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


The Preschool Committee supports Temple Shalom’s Preschool by working with staff to host social and fundraising events to benefit our little “cutie patooties!” Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


The YESh Committee works in partnership with Rabbi Boxman to provide educational, fun and engaging Jewish experiences for children, teens and families. New ideas are always welcome!  Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved.


Helping others is a Jewish value and we perform this mitzvah to benefit members of our local community and the world beyond.  Whether taking action to help a single individual or contributing to a larger initiative, our work makes the world a better place, and each act of kindness, no matter how small, helps build a better world. We plan and coordinate Mitzvah Day and sponsor regular social action and educational programs throughout the year.  Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Temple Shalom is a spiritual and sacred congregation. We develop the policies which shape the ritual observance within our congregation for approval by the Board. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Are you an architect? Do you have a background in construction? Facilities management? If so, the Building & Grounds Committee could use your help! This committee oversees capital improvements and repairs of the Temple grounds and develops long-term goals for renovation and preservation of facilities. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


This committee is made up of members with a background in interior design to keep Temple Shalom a beautiful, safe place to worship, learn and socialize. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


The Security Committee works with the Executive Director to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment for all staff, members, students and visitors to Temple Shalom. The committee reviews and evaluates policies, practices and equipment that relate to the safety of our facility and the people on our property. Volunteers have a background in law enforcement, military and security systems. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Help spread the word about our vibrant congregation!  The Membership Committee is where this begins!  The Membership Committee promotes activities to increase and retain the membership of the Congregation. Committee members call prospective members to provide information about the Temple, provide a warm welcome to our community’s newest members and help them find their place within the Temple community through new member wine and cheese receptions, Shabbat Dinners, and a gift to mark their formal association with the synagogue.  Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


The Welcoming Committee works to ensure that every new member in our community is welcomed by a seasoned Temple Shalom member.  The volunteers call them several times a year to wish them a happy holiday or invite them to a special event at Temple Shalom, answer questions, invite them to participate in Temple Shalom’s rich offerings, introduce them to new friends and more. The Committee Chair receives introductory emails about new members’ interests, hobbies, and skills and either the Chair, or a member of the committee follows up with committee chairs to help them find a meaningful connection based on those skills and interests.  Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


The Temple Shalom Choir performs at High Holy Days. The choir is open to all members with a love for music. Think you might be interested? We’d love to have you join! Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Do you play a musical instrument? Share your talents with the congregation by playing in our band! The Temple Shalom Band plays at Soulful Shabbat services throughout the year. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


It’s nice to know that someone cares. Taking care of those in need in our community is at the heart of what it means to be a caring Jewish community. Our One Family outreach works because of the efforts of many people. Additional volunteers are always needed to help!  The time commitment is up to you. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 



We need your help! This committee responds to families and individuals at times of joy and celebration as well as difficult times such as illness or death. We send handwritten cards of condolence and celebration for “big” birthdays and anniversaries and we also keep in touch with members who may be unable to attend services or are alone and might appreciate a phone call periodically. One hour a week is all it takes to make someone’s day. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Put a smile on someone’s face! The members of this committee prepare and deliver home cooked meals, challah or baked goods to Temple members who are ill and alone, mourning a loss or welcoming a new baby. This is a great mitzvah opportunity for children to do with their parents and/or grandparents. 

The time commitment is approximately two hours and this is a great mitzvah opportunity for children with their parents and/or grandparents. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Shabbat and Holiday Greeters:  A great way to meet people and perform a mitzvah at the same time! Temple Shalom’s friendly culture is exemplified by the reception people receive when they enter our building. This committee proudly serves our congregational family on Shabbat evenings and holidays by greeting congregants and guests, taking tickets on the High Holy Days, sharing important information about various programs and services in the building, and helping to create an environment that is friendly, warm, inviting and reflective of the community we aspire to be. 

We only need a commitment of 1 hour per month. This mitzvah will be the highlight of your week! Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


Ushers enhance High Holy Day services by greeting worshippers, taking tickets, providing large-print books to those who need them, help people find seats and assist service participants ascend and descend the Locketz Bima to keep services running smoothly. They are usually the first people to greet incoming congregants and set the tone for a positive experience. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 


The mitzvah of nichum aveilim, of comforting mourners, is considered in the Talmud to be one way for humans to fulfill the principle of “walking in God’s ways.” One of the core roles of One Family is to make sure that at times of loss, mourners are provided with our communal support and nechama, comfort. We help the clergy with shiva minyan coordination. Contact us at 239-455-3030 for more information or to get involved. 

Please call the office at 239-455-3030 for more information about how to join any of our committees.

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