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We believe in being welcoming and inclusive – no one should face barriers to being part of our congregation – so we’ve  adopted a pledge-based membership system, called L’Shalom.

How does it work? 

Instead of paying an assigned fixed dues amount, you pledge the amount you wish to contribute as your annual financial commitment each July. Temple leadership provides a recommended “sustaining” amount for the entire congregation; most congregants will choose to pledge at that amount. Some may choose to contribute more, and some may pledge less. The actual amount of the L’Shalom commitment is up to each member. There is no specified amount required to be a part of our Temple family.

L'Shalom Form


About L'Shalom

In 2017, Temple Shalom took a brave step forward into the 21st century with the L’Shalom voluntary pledge system. This model aligned us with our Jewish values and strengthened our sense of One Family. L’Shalom draws inspiration from Torah, where we read that the Israelites overwhelmed Moses with their generosity when asked to make gifts from their hearts for the Mishkan, the mobile worship center. We, too, are in awe of your response to this approach. Our membership has grown by more than 250 households since the start of L’Shalom! We met our goals each year for the funds necessary to sustain our congregation, fulfill the needs of members, provide a Jewish education for the future generations, and further enhance the relational nature of our Temple.

We added Rabbi Ariel Boxman to our clergy team to further enhance our youth and adult education programs, as well as to meet our growing lifecycle needs. Our impact goes beyond our congregation – we are thrilled by our partnership with Federation to create a campus for Jewish life. Concerned for the health and safety of our One Family in the era of COVID-19, we transitioned from a physical community to a synagogue without walls. Our virtual community blossomed with hundreds watching Shabbat services, participating in classes, attending concerts, and staying connected online. This success was made possible by the ongoing generosity of our congregation. 

We believe in the power of our One Family, and that we are stronger together. Our L’Shalom pledge program continues this year. Recognizing the rising costs of security, safety and cleaning, as well as the rising needs of our over 950 household congregation, the recommended sustaining level is $1,375 per adult ($2,725 for a household with two adults). This amount was carefully determined by the Temple finance committee, and then reviewed by the Temple Shalom Board of Trustees. As a vital part of our Temple Shalom family, we gratefully thank you in advance for your ongoing investment of your time, talent and resources in Temple Shalom. We ask that your pledge reflect what your heart feels and what you can afford. Know that any amount that you pledge above the sustaining amount will be recognized as a contribution to Above & Beyond.

Please click to read the full L'Shalom letter for this year. Thank you for all that you do!


L'Shalom Form

Wed, May 29 2024 21 Iyar 5784