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Shabbat at Temple Shalom

Friday night service -  7:30pm

Our Friday evening service is followed by a delicious oneg Shabbat.

Saturday morning service -  10:00 am

Our Saturday morning Shabbat service is followed by a Kiddush luncheon.

Can't make it to the service? Join us via livestreaming by clicking here.

For more information on services and dates, please contact the Temple office at (239) 455-3030 or at

All major holidays are celebrated with special services

When most people think of holidays, they think of annual celebrations, but in Judaism there is one holiday that occurs every week - the Sabbath. Known in Hebrew as Shabbat and in Yiddish as Shabbos, this holiday is central to Jewish Life. As the great Jewish writer, Ahad Ha-Am has observed: "More than the Jewish people has kept the Sabbath, the Sabbath has kept the Jewish people." The Sabbath truly has been a unifying force for Jews the world over.


Watch Rabbi Leora Kaye explain how to make the blessings over the Shabbat candles, wine and challah.


3 Ways to Bring Shabbat Home

Shabbat is the Jewish holiday that comes each week. Its roots lie in the biblical story of creation when, in order to complete the work of creating the world, God rested on the seventh day



Vegan Challah

Round challah symbolizes the cycle of the year and are traditional for Rosh HaShanah; challot are traditionally braided for Shabbat. Either way, the key to delicious challah is kneading the dough.

Sat, October 31 2020 13 Cheshvan 5781