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Shalom Yeladim!

Shalom Yeladim! is a wonderful program for parents and their little ones (2-4 year olds). Once a month on a Sunday morning during YESh, parents and kiddos will meet and learn about Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. Through crafts, play, yoga, music and fun, kids will begin to learn about Judaism in a hands-on and experiential way. Parents are invited to join their children on this engaging Jewish educational journey. 

Kindergarten: I am Jewish

Our kindergarten students will be introduced to the celebrations and joy inherent in our Jewish families, synagogue, and community. They will explore what it means to be Jewish and to be part of the community. Students will learn classic Bible stories and characters, and how they embrace Jewish values. In Hebrew, the students will gain sight recognition of the Alef-Bet. Our kindergarten students are formally welcomed to the YESh community during a Consecration ceremony for the whole family.

Grade 1: Discovering Myself in the Jewish Story

In first grade, students explore Torah stories from Genesis in-depth. They also look at the individual holidays as well as the complete holiday year cycle, and mitzvot about how we interact with the world around us. For Hebrew, students gain letter and sound recognition skills as well as basic vocabulary words relating to their studies.

Grade 2:  I am part of the Jewish People

Our second grade students delve into Torah stories from Exodus and mitzvot relating to God. They also take an in-depth look at the synagogue itself and the objects and symbols found within it. In Hebrew, the second grade will begin basic decoding and writing skills. They will have the opportunity to practice their developing Hebrew skills with online games at home.

Grade 3: K’dushah – Holiness

Third grade students look at Torah stories from Leviticus, concepts of holiness, and mitzvot about holidays and helping others. In preparation for receiving their very own siddur (prayerbook), students learn about the siddur and how to use it. They also take a new look at the Jewish holidays as they occur, recognizing the deeper layers to holiday meaning and observances. Third graders also begin a significant study of the Holy Land of Israel, learning to appreciate the land of Israel and our connection to it. In Hebrew, they begin their expanded studies with midweek Hebrew School and developing strong decoding and fluency skills. Hebrew practice work at home is done entirely online and provides parents the opportunity to learn along with their students! 

Grade 4: Being Part of the Community

In fourth grade, our students continue their study of Israel with Torah stories about the land of Israel. They look at mitzvot about how we interact with others. Students also talk about God and explore answers to their questions, as well as lifecycle celebrations and observances and the role of community. In Hebrew, students begin looking at sight words and prayer decoding skills as they learn common brachot (blessings) and familiar prayers. Hebrew practice work at home is done entirely online and provides parents the opportunity to learn along with their students! 

Grade 5: Reform Judaism

In fifth grade, students look at the Tanakh (Jewish bible) and specifically explore the Prophets. They learn about community mitzvot and their role in the Reform Jewish community. Jewish values are also explored with a focus on personal relevance and how they can affect our interactions with each other and the world around us. In Hebrew, students are continuing to strengthen their decoding and fluency skills, and learning Friday night service prayers. Hebrew practice work at home is done entirely online and provides parents the opportunity to learn along with their students!

Grade 6: Revelation

Sixth grade students explore the Ketuvim (Writings section of the Tanakh). They learn about mitzvot relating to the world, and begin looking towards B’nai Mitzvah. Students conduct a significant study of the Holocaust and its impact on our world today. For Hebrew, students begin working on Saturday morning liturgy and strengthening their decoding skills.

Grade 7: Hineni – Here I Am

Our seventh graders explore communal prayer and develop an understanding of their own prayer styles and beliefs. They also take a strong look at modern Israel and the role Israel plays in Reform Judaism. Their Hebrew work is contained within their B’nai Mitzvah tutoring track or independent study for non-B’nai Mitzvah students. At a school-wide level, the students will be responsible for the class mitzvah of monitoring tzedekah donations and for our food bank collections and sorting. The seventh grade class will also learn and lead a Havdalah service.

JOURNEY Program (8th-10th grades)

Our eighth grade through tenth grade confirmation class will be completing the Journey program. A total of 54 credits are required for completion of the Journey program.  The credits are divided into three categories, as it is said: “On three things the world stands: Torah, Avodah, and G’milut Chasadim…” (Pirkei Avot, 1:2).

Madrichim Program

Temple Shalom’s Madrichim Program welcomes 8th-12th graders into our religious school to be outstanding Jewish role models. Our madrichim take on that responsibility by bringing in their own passions and knowledge, ensuring a healthy and positive learning and playing environment, and assisting in the overall process of the religious school day.  Our madrichim learn vital skills to be Jewish educators. Click here for more information and an application form.

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