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The word “Havurah” comes from the Hebrew word “haver” meaning “friend.” A havurah is a group of approximately 10-12 individuals and/or families who meet regularly to socialize, celebrate Jewish life together, and participate in social action projects. Havurot (plural of havurah) provide an excellent opportunity to get to know other members of the Temple Shalom family who share your values and interests. Havurot have flourished at Temple Shalom for many years, resulting in many lifelong friendships.

Havurah Event Planning Guide 5783Each havurah group is self-directed, planning its activities based on the interests of its members. Some groups are more social in nature, while others focus more on religious, family or study-related activities. They may even take the form of a book club. Past activities of our havurot have included potluck dinners, book discussions, sports (bowling, skating, hiking), musical or theater events, movies, Shabbat dinners, Havdalah services, Passover Seders, Hanukah parties and other holiday celebrations.

Belonging to a havurah can be fun and enriching. Some members report that their havurah has become their extended family. Whether you are new to the synagogue, or have been a member for a while, it is a way to meet people with similar interests, get to know other families and build friendships.

Looking for activity ideas for your havurah? Download our 5783 Event Planning Guide!

How do I join a havurah? Groups are usually formed on the basis of shared interests and stage of life. New havurot are being formed all the time. Whatever your interests, age or stage of life, we will get you started on the path to building new lasting friendships with other members of your Temple Shalom family.

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