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Shabbat Tables

Whether celebrating Shabbat is something you grew up with, or something new for you and your family, we hope that you will consider participating in this exciting new twist on the Shabbat Dinner Trains program as part of the Temple Shalom One Family. Like the Shabbat Dinner Train, Shabbat Tables is yet another way that we build relationships with each other and share our traditions, as we more fully realize our mission of fostering connections – one to another, Temple, Israel, Torah and God.

What do I do to make it a Shabbat Table? Invite a fellow congregant to share your Shabbat Table, whether that table is in your home, by the pool or at a restaurant. Before dinner starts, we ask that you do the blessing over the candles, the Kiddush for the wine, and the blessing over the challah, if possible.

What if I don’t know the prayers? No problem. All hosts get a cheat sheet with all of the prayers. The prayers can be found below.

Who do I invite? Anyone you want! Old friends, new friends or someone from Temple that you want to get to know better. Look up their contact information in the membership directory and give them a call or send an email and invite them. Feel free to ask Ana Maria Tamargo, Membership Engagement Coordinator, for suggestions.

Do I need to know anything else? Yes! Please take a few pictures of your dinner and send them to Jeanette Fischer, Director of Communications,  for our website and Facebook page. Let us know who joined you for dinner.

What should I serve? Serve whatever you would like—fried chicken, take-out Chinese, pizza or traditional foods. It is not about the food; it is about the people. You do not need to keep kosher to participate but we do ask that you don’t serve pork or shellfish.

Are there things that I need to have? Yes, you should have Shabbat candles, wine or grape juice, and a challah, if you are hosting at home.

If you are interested in learning more about Shabbat Tables or to sign up to be a host or a guest, email and indicate Shabbat Tables in the subject line and start connecting with other members of our Temple family.


Shabbat Blessings

Candle Blessing




Friday Night Kiddush


Thu, April 15 2021 3 Iyar 5781