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The Pioneers Society

Those Upon Whose Shoulders We Stand….

Ruth and Herbert Abramson

Gertrude Apakarian

Lillian and Sam Aronoff

Andy Austin

Louis Ballen

Mayor William Barnett

Susan Barnett

Dee and Manford Bear

Claire and Robert J. Beckler

Leon Berger

Muriel and Irving Berzon

Bernice and Wilfred (Cantor Willie) Birnbaum

Marlene Bluestein

Bonnie Bodin

Rosalind Poll and Samuel S. Brooker

Cecilia Cahan

Vivian and Ben Calmenson

Natalie and Bernard Cantor

Marcia and Richard Cervilli

Flo and Irv Chelm

Avrum Chudnow

Family of Charles R. Ciner

Myra Cogan

Jay Cohen

Seyla Cohen

Karen and Martin Cohn

Evelyn Cole

Mildred and Joseph Condon

Shirley and Robert Coplan

Corrine Cottage

Richard Davison

Celia and Joel Deifik

Linda Denning

Marion and Roy Diamond

Ethel and Garson Dinaberg

Lil and Irvine Dubow

Eileen and William D. Ertag

Kella and Bill Ettinger

Mary and Lou Evans

Family of Darin Scott Feder

Len and Donald Feiman

Doris B. and Syd Fishman

Barbara and Gerald P. Flagel

Patricia and Russell Fleischman

Family of Charles Frankel

Helayne and Craig Frankel

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Freedman

William Freschel

Samuel Friedeman

Miriam and Syd Gaynor

Jeanne and Myron Geren

Sandra Gershman

Shirley and Philip Gilbert

Joseph Glasser

Peggy Rovins and Kenneth Gluckman

Gloria and Dan Goldberg

Rabbi Mark Golub

Melissa Chalfin and Ramon Gonzalez

Cary and David Goodman

Family of Bert Gordon

Beverly and Howard Greditor

Irene and Arthur Green

Nancy and Henry B. Greenberg

Carol Greene

Dorothy and Sherman Gursky

Rachel and Howard Gutman

Family of Erna Hanau

Matty and Herbert Hasson

Family of Matthew B. Hecht

Pauline and Murray Hendel

Florence and Harold Hertzman

Harriet and Myron A. Hirsch

Minne P. and Emil G. Hirsch

Alice and Leo Hirsh

Jill and Dan Issacson

Hari and Jack Jacobsen

Dorothy and Irving Kahn

Merrylee and Joseph Kandel

Edie Kaplan

Adeline and Sherman Kasmir

Freda and Allen Katz

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice N. Katz

Steven Kaufman

Jay and Stuart Kaye

Adele Ross King

Trudie and Sid Kleiner

Morris Kramer

Shirley and Henry Kraus

Elaine and Alvin (Abe) Landy

Wallie and Gary Lenchner

Honce and Natt Levy


Irv Levy

Shirley Levy

Mr. and Mrs. Rodrick Lewin

Shelley and Jacob Lieb

Lou Lipman

Sue and David Lipman

Evy and Stan Lipp

Veora and John R. Little

Elinor and Bill Locketz

Nell and Harry Locketz

Rhoda Lown

Gabriel Luff

Phyllis and Irv Maizlish

Mr. and Mrs. Morton Mandell

Connie and Edgar Mansfield

Rivie and Stanley Margolis

Sue and Monroe Marks

Lorie and Henry Mayer

Sonnie Meit

Men’s Club of Temple Shalom

Lea and Edwin Mendel

Martin L. Millender

Betty and Alex Mintz

Nancy and Steve Mittler

Beverly and Howard Moeckler

Mark J. Moskowitz

Lolly and Jack Moyse

Eve and Michael Ossoff

June Palay

Rabbi Seth Phillips

Ethel and Harold Polster

Estelle and Erving Priceman

Bernard Proko

Audree and Milton Raizes

James Raskin

Rabbi Stanley Relkin

Mr. and Mrs. Morton C. Robins

Julius Roberts

Arnold Rosen

Janice Rosen

Russell Rosen

Ethel Rosenberg

Nancy Ross

Irving Rothkin

Miriam and Mel Rubenstein

Arlene Sacks

Lorriane and Jack Schneider

Lety and Stephen Schwartz

Rosann and Richard Schwartz

Anne and Seymour Sekuler

Myra and Hy Shapiro

Hartley Shellans

Bruce Sherman

Harrilee B. and Kenneth I. Shevin

Nora and Leonard Shukovsky

Rose F. and Rabbi Abraham Shusterman

Arlene Kaye Silver

Sisterhood of Temple Shalom

Tillie and David Skeer

Nancy and Paul Slater

Shirley and Alan Solomon

Mynne and Harold Soupcoff

Suzie Muchnick and Michael Spencer

Herman Stadin

Betsy and Sheldon Starman

Sandy Stone and John Frances Woog

Pearl and Gerry Sugarman

Nancy and Bruce Thalheimer

Selda Thalheimer and family

Fritzi and Gerald Thorner

Family of Harriet Tilzner

Sam Tilzner

Leona Townsley

Donna and Curtis Treiser

Sharon Roman Treiser

Richard Treiser

Clarie and Robert A. Tucker

Rabbi Alan Tuffs

Rita and Bernard Turner

Anthony Vinocur

Wendy Wald

Charlotte and Jack Ward

Helen and Joseph Weinfeld

Murray Weinstock

Marla and Allen Weiss

Samuel Winokur

Ellen and Edward Wollman

Bridget and Bruce Yamron

Joyce and Harold Yamron

Joyce and Elliot Zaleznik

Ted Zelman and family

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